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Chiropody Courses

Chiropody is a highly specialised and skilled profession helping patients maintain healthy foot care, decreasing the risk of immobility, especially in diabetes sufferers, and removing dangerous things found on feet such as blisters, bunions and in-growing toenails. A fully qualified chiropodist is a sought-after role. So, if you have an interest in foot care and are you looking to get into chiropody, but are unsure where to begin, we have outlined various types of chiropody courses you can do to give an idea of what is required.

Diploma In Foot Health Practice

This course will give you the practical expertise needed to run a practice and build up a successful business. It will teach you the range of problems that can affect feet, confidently diagnosing each problem, advising the appropriate treatment and then how to provide that treatment depending on if you are seeing a patient in their own home or from a clinic.

Diploma in Diabetes

Will give you knowledge about the vulnerability feet have to tissue viability issues, or ulceration, because of elevated blood glucose levels causing macrovascular and microvascular damage to blood vessels. It will also teach you about these symptoms leading to amputation and how this can be avoided.

Diploma in Biomechanics and Orthotics

Qualification in the awareness of faulty biomechanics being a primary reason for foot problems. Gives you an understanding of biomechanical conditions and how to counteract them with orthotics, which modify the characteristics of the neuromuscular system.

Diploma in Remedial Massaging

One of the oldest and most trusted forms of treatment. Simple, effective and when performed with trained hands, it is statistically proven to help patients with foot pain.

Diploma in Verruca Management and Cryotherapy

Teaches the transmission of viral infections which helps cure verrucae. Going into depth on the treatment options, principally cryotherapy, which subdues an irritated nerve by isolating it in freezing temperatures.

If chiropody is what you want to do, complete each of these diplomas and you will be in an excellent position to enjoy a successful career.