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Respite Care – Helping Care Givers

What is Respite Care?

Being a carer is an essential role for the health and well-being of those needing care, helping and assisting a person who needs the help of a carer is a very big responsibility. For a carer you never know what to expect as everyday is different and a new challenge can arise in the blink of eye making it a very demanding yet rewarding profession.

However, it is crucial to find balance between work and home life with many carers worried to leave and take time off from caring responsibility. Respite care allows the carer to take a break from there day to day work life while allowing the carer peace of mind that the person you care for gets specialist and professional care while you take time out for yourself.

Respite Care

Types of Respite Care

Respite Care Day Centres: 

This respite care service gives the carer an opportunity to take the person in need out to take part in activities to help them stay active and build their social skill with others. These activities include, games, art and crafts sessions, singing activities and many more and most come with transport provided


Respite Care and Support at Home

Do you have outside commitments requiring time away from your responsibilities as a carer? Support at home respite care arrange a paid professional carer to help at their home when they are needed, allowing you to take time for yourself regularly for you to get your affairs in order or simply take a holiday. Live in care is also optional for if the person that you are caring for need around the clock 24-hour supervision

Respite Care in a Care Home

Alternatively you can arrange for the person you are caring for to undertake a short stay at a local care home. This is ideal for carers who have planned holidays or days off to book in advance planning ahead to make sure the appropriate care is in place while you are way

Organising Friends and Family Help

Friends and family can be essential when providing you with the support you need to maintain a work and home life balance. Friends and family can temporarily move into the house of the person who requires your care or invite the person to stay with them while you take some time out for yourself

Respite Holidays

This type of respite care gives the carer and the person you care for the opportunity to take a break from the daily challenges that come with there illness or disability. Organisation such as mind for you & revitalise offer supported holidays for dementia patients, the elderly and people with disabilities

Sitting Services 

This type of respite care is ideal for carers who have errands to run throughout the day. Some charities and organisations will offer this service when a trained volunteer will keep the person you care for company for a short period of time. Usually for a couple of hours at a time